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DONGGUAN JUYUAN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. is founded in 2006, and is majorly providing the following services for its customers: Global import and export sea freight, Cold-chain barge transportation between Dongguan port and Hong Kong, Import and export customs clearance, Bonded logistics in Dongguan city, Import and export agency service.

Headquarters of Juyuan company is located in Nancheng district, Dongguan city, China. And Juyuan company also have office in Hong Kong and Shatian town, Donguan city. The departments of Juyuan company include freight forwarder department, Barge transportation Department, Customs clearance department, import and export agency service department.

Based on the professional and creative attitude, and Base in Dongguan city, Shenzhen city, Guangzhou city, Juyuan company are creating a logistics service platform, integrating the logistics services of Trucking, Sea freight, Customs clearance, Warehousing, Delivery, Dealing foreign payment, Acting as import and export agency service, and so on. And Keep providing the different , humanized and personalized import and export logistic supply train service to its partners.

With 24 years experience and 14 years of elaborately operation, Juyuan company make great contribution to the logistics industry in Dongguan City. And becomes the executive member unit of the council of DONGGUAN LOGISTICS ASSOCIATION, the company recommended by DONGGUAN LOGISTICS ASSOCIATION, and the Chairman unit of the Professional Committee of Dongguan International Freight Forwarders.

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